Week in Review: September 7, 2012

By Tea Fougner

Today’s been an eventful week for everyone. THE PAJAMA DIARIES has a new website, which you can see here at www.pajamadiaries.com. You can read THE PAJAMA DIARIES every day, and check out Terri Libenson’s blog. There are also some great samples of Terri’s favorite strips for you to enjoy.

I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable Labor Day!

Over here on DailyINK, the kids (and cats) of the comics pages have lots of questions about just what Labor Day is:

BLONDIE by Dean Young & John Marshall

DENNIS THE MENACE By H. Ketcham, M. Hamilton & R. Ferdinand


GIL by Norm Feuti

MUTTS by Patrick McDonnell

And poor Stanley of THE BETTER HALF definitely got a less-than-stellar Labor Day surprise:

THE BETTER HALF By Randy Glasbergen

Meanwhile, the end of Labor Day means school is back in full swing, and we’re seeing mixed responses from kids and parents all over DailyINK.


BABY BLUES by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott

CURTIS by Ray Billingsley

HI AND LOIS by Brian Walker, Greg Walker and Chance Browne

TODD THE DINOSAUR by Patrick Roberts

It also means new bus-route drama for CRANKSHAFT:

CRANKSHAFT by Tom Batiuk and Chuck Ayers

While Samantha of SAFE HAVENS is starting off the year as an RA for incoming freshmen:

SAFE HAVENS by Bill Holbrook

And the back-to-school storyline in EDGE CITY takes a more serious turn as school budgets are cut at the Ardins’ school:

EDGE CITY by Terry and Patty LaBan

Best of luck for a great school year to all the students, teachers, administrators and support staff out there!