August 25th, 2012

Apple Beak Candy Ball Belly

by Wayno & Piraro

Bizarro is brought to you today by Big Fun.

Today’s cartoon mystified a few readers, but not many, I suspect. This one is a simple twist on a famous painting by Belgian surrealist, Rene Magritte. If you’ve seen it, you get the gag. If not, you probably don’t.

I think this gag is brilliant and I SO wish I could say I wrote it. Instead, it was written by a friend and colleague of mine, a very talented cartoonist in his own right, Dan McConnell.

The same character appears in a cartoon I did a few months ago.

And, on the subject of surrealism, I offer you this little scribble of a man who has no Twitter account. Is he the last holdout? If you can figure out what this one means, please keep it to yourself as I’m enjoying the mystery.

This kind of cartoon is a bit opaque for many readers, true, but they keep the riffraff away from Bizarro. Not just any cucumber can become a Jazz Pickle, you know. (wink)

The Pez candy company has generously donated their name today in this cartoon that is another collaboration with my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh.  You can see his sketch version and comments on his blog here.

As you’ll see, I didn’t vary from his original sketch at all on this one. What’s to change? It’s great the way it is.


I’ve been thinking of a lot of mime gags lately, for some reason. The recent Olympic games inspired this one. My favorite part of the cartoon is the judges looking so closely at the invisible ball.

Here’s a  bit of Jazz Pickle trivia: if you squint your eyes and look very hard at the top border just to the left of my signature, you may be able to just make out the words, “Happy B-day, Killio!” I have no idea why this is here but it seems to appear in my cartoon every year on this date. More mystery.

My last cartoon today is a dandy pun suggested by Victor the Boy Genius. He’s home from college for the summer (if you can call the hillbilly lernin’ institoot he attends a college) so he’s got a lot of time on his hands. Mostly, I think he just sits around on his rickety, wooden front porch playing banjo and watching his bloodhound nap, but one day this idea (or “idear,” as he calls it) occurred to him and I got a smile from it so I drew it up.





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