August 24th, 2012

Week in Review: August 24, 2012

by Tea

Hi, all!  How’s your week been?

CURTIS’ week has been pretty eventful—the Wilkins’ family inadvertently entered the political sphere this week with a visit from President Obama  AND Mitt Romney!  There are fireworks flying, but Curtis seems more disappointed that the President’s daughters aren’t on the scene.

If you’re looking for a good place to pick up THE PHANTOM, a shiny new storyline is beginning this week, when the Queen of the Llongo Territory summons The Phantom’s help.  We’ll see just what kind of help she needs as the story unfolds!

Poor Grimmy of MOTHER GOOSE and GRIMM is stuck in a medical collar this week.  It doesn’t look like he’s having much fun!

And over in ARCTIC CIRCLE, the gang rescued a whole bunch of chickens from a factory farm.  Results are…well, scrambled, to say the least.

Professional woes seem to abound this week for the characters of DailyINK:

Over in RETAIL, Marla and Josh have to sell more extended warranties—but are strapped for resources or incentives for their staff.

Tina of TINA’S GROOVE is having some problems this week as her face has gotten permanently plastered with a painful “professional” smile.

And in FUNKY WINKERBEAN, Becky’s mother can’t get enough of meddling at the school—since causing problems at this year’s prom, she’s now resurfaced busybodying her way into the marching band’s business.

Margo of APARTMENT 3-G has a super-attractive new client for her agency, who also happens to have a super-large ego.

And in DUSTIN, Ed Kudlick has a new client to defend.  A guy who’s been arrested for marijuana possession insists he’s innocent—and wait till you see what his defense is!

We hope your own work life is treating you well!  Have a great weekend, and take some time to catch up on the comics!  What have been your favorites this week?






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