Week In Review: August 17, 2012

By Tea Fougner

As I said last week, I’m moving on from Supporting Cast to do something else on Fridays.  From now on, I’ll be talking about comics on DailyINK each week that you won’t want to miss!


First off, if you didn’t see our news earlier this week, SHERMAN’S LAGOON is visiting Shark Week on the Discovery Channel!  You can still enter our drawing to win a copy of “Think Like a Shark: Avoiding a Porpoise-Driven Life,” the newest SHERMANS LAGOON collection.

And over in RETAIL, it’s Coupon Week!  Go check out RETAIL to get some great clip ‘n save coupons that will surely come in handy on your next trip to the mall!

In the rest of the comics universe, the summer is coming to a fast end.  Tucker in DEFLOCKED and Gil of GIL are both dreading the beginning of the school year:

And Hilary gets a summer romance shocker today in SALLY FORTH:

Meanwhile, over in RHYMES WITH ORANGE, we see the results of joining a CSA firsthand:

While Darryl ofBABY BLUES grows his own tomatoes at home:

And Dagwood of BLONDIE is concerned about the ice cream truck:

CRANKSHAFT has finally found a way to subvert the community rules about lawn-watering:

While Len of EDGE CITY enjoys the water…er, beer…on the docks when his family doesn’t want to go out on the boat with him:

Looking forward to the autumn, Crabby of MUTTS is already gearing up to be even crabbier (we understand, Crabby!  We’re getting all those political mass emails, too!): 

Of course, I’ll recommend a big heaping helpful of more DailyINK to chase those crabby blues away!  Enjoy these last days of summer, folks!

What were your favorite DailyINK cartoons this week?