Nasal Thief Vacancy

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by Nasal Technology.

As a person with a prominent, Mediterranean profile, I got used to jokes about my nose many years ago. At first it embarrassed me but I grew out of that pretty quickly and realized if I laughed along with others, it took the sting out of being teased. Now I really like my giant schnoz and feel it gives me character. Take that, Brad Pitt!

I also like cartoon characters with big noses so I draw them a lot. I’m pretty sure that this cartoon has more than I’ve ever drawn before.


Our next cartoon asks the question, do banks still have bags with $ signs on them in case they are robbed? It’s been ages since I’ve robbed a bank so I honestly have no idea.






Last in today’s Komedy Kavalcade of Kookiness is this cartoon about a guy, again with a big McSniffer, who has a troubling medical condition called “empty headedness.” I feel bad not only for him but for the rest of us, too, for he is still eligible to vote.

If you have a joke about big noses or a favorite kind of nose, tell me about it in the comments section. Or anything else on your mind, assuming you don’t have the condition this poor schmuck suffers from.


Yes, a Bizarro book makes an excellent gift for all occasions other than funerals.