Mortality Gong Ovum Scissors

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by Super Schlong.

This clever little bit of wordplay is a collaboration with my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. Wayno is a good friend and he and I have been working together on cartoons for a few years now. In fact, this one represents his 100th appearance in Bizarro. He’s a joy to work with, a great gag writer, and a darned dandy artist, to boot. I also suspect he’s a good husband and member of his community but you’ll have to ask his wife and neighbors for confirmation on that. Here’s what Wayno has to say about our anniversary of sorts.

I have a friend who is a Grammy Award winning percussionist and he loved this cartoon so I’m going to consider it a success. I like it, too, but I don’t have half as many Grammys to my name as he does.







And now some silliness with Humpty Dumpty. I used to do a very surreal Humpty Dumpty routine in my one-man show. Humpty sang a strange, bittersweet song about lost love (he was gay, in love with Eggs Benedict) while his arms wafted back and forth musically as he emoted through the ballad. It was a real tear jerker. Here’s me as Humpty around 2001.



Lastly, I offer you a super hero I could really use. I despise blister packs and wish we as a species would outlaw them. Apart from them being an environmental nightmare (I assume) they are also dangerous and frustrating. I don’t know how many fingers I’ve cut off accidentally while trying to get into one of those things. (Okay, I just counted and I haven’t actually lost any fingers, but it’s only a matter of time.)

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