Knock Wrap

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by Simple Concepts.

I don’t normally post as often as I have in recent days but this cartoon about the delivery man has more than a few readers puzzled, so I thought I’d explain it here and just direct all questioners to this blog.

There is no secret meaning to this, it’s just that a tiny person lives in a tiny home and the doorbell is too loud for their tiny ears. A bit esoteric, yes, but that’s what my Jazz Pickles like.

This one isn’t confusing anyone that I know of but if you still find yourself confused, perhaps you should speak to a licensed physician and have them adjust your medication.

One final note: I must say I’m happy with the way the drawing of this dress turned out. It looks stiff and poofy, just as certain formal gowns do. I like it when I can nail the look of something off the top of my head like that. Cartoonists are easily amused, I guess.

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