Movie News!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Hey, Jazz Pickles. Here’s a quick note about a terrific short film being made by some very good people and some friends of mine. (Not to say that my friends are not “very good people.”)

I might even have a part in it if they raise enough money in the next six days, so I’m asking you to pitch in. If you have just a few bucks, or better yet, a ton of bucks, give these guys a chance. If for no other reason, you can say that you helped fund the project that gave me my start in screen acting, and when I win an Academy Award someday for my portrayal of a blind, deaf, quadriplegic, African American, patriotic, single mother of nine who was forcibly hooked on heroine by her terrorist kidnappers , you can claim a piece of the gold!

AND!!!…that guy from “24” who was shot in the neck and returned to his work chasing terrorists only an hour later wrote it and is directing!



Thanks, Jazz Pickles!