June 1st, 2012

Supporting Cast: What I Did On My Summer Vacation!

by Tea

Happy June, DailyINK fans!

One of our favorite childhood memories: In the summer, without having to rush to school, we got to read the comics every morning, and not just on Sundays. Sure, we could always read them when we got home in the afternoons, but that’s not the same, is it?

We asked our creators to tell us what their characters’ favorite summer vacations might be. Here we go:

Zippy’s Dream Vacation: A flank steak weekend in Downtown Duluth with the spirit body of Leona Helmsley. –Bill Griffith, ZIPPY THE PINHEAD

Oscar the penguin’s dream vacation would be to a parallel universe, where the Arctic wouldn’t be melting and where he would be adored by a series of gorgeous girlfriends. Or even just one girlfriend.—Alex Hallatt, ARCTIC CIRCLE

Jill: 1 bathtub + trashy magazine + frou-frou drink + locked door = dream vacation – Terri Libenson, THE PAJAMA DIARIES

It’s tough t’git Snuffy Smith to leave his beloved community of Hootin’ Holler, but if he was given th’ opp’rtunity t’take a dream vacation, I think he’d go t’ Las Vegas when they were holdin’ th’ World Series of Poker Championship an’ bodaciously cheat his way to winnin’ th’ pot! -John Rose, BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH

Hi Flagston’s dream vacation is: Hi and Lois sitting on a white sand beach, gazing at a crystal blue lagoon. The sun is a golden globe in the sky. Between the two of them is a bucket of ice with two frosty bottles. When Hi wakes up on his lawn chair in the back yard, he realizes his dream is just a beer commercial that he has seen hundreds of times on TV.—Brian Walker, HI & LOIS

Mary’s dream vacation is visiting the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland during the time they grew spectacular specimens of vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Mary is drawn to the legend of Findhorn, which was said to thrive on the spiritual guidance of its founders. Her love of gardening and nature, and her interest in spiritual learning, makes Findhorn in its heyday her dream vacation. – Karen Moy, MARY WORTH

Mamet’s dream vacation is to spend three months on Kokomo — the tropical island where the Beach Boys live. He’s never visited the island, but knows it’s a very famous destination somewhere between Bermuda, Bahama, and some island called “Kummonprittymama.” Travel agents usually hang up on him when he asks about vacation packages, but he’s not giving up. When he finally books his trip, he plans to get there fast and then take it slow. ‘Cause that’s where he wanna go — way down to Kokomo. —Jeff Corriveau, DEFLOCKED

Forget my characters. I’d like to spend a couple weeks on Tahiti with Blondie.-– Bud Grace, THE PIRANHA CLUB

Isabella Bannerman of SIX CHIX sent along this great beach-themed strip:

Isabella says, “Elana was on vacation at the beach one day, when she noticed that a large cargo ship had run into a rock and was starting to leak. The desperate crew began to throw barrels overboard. Families on the beach started to panic, fearing that their beach would be ruined. Elana stepped into the ocean to investigate, and was delighted to find that the spill was olive oil, and that the clean up could be easily carried out by the holiday makers, turning the potential disaster into a giant picnic.

And, last but not least, Thomas Yeates of PRINCE VALIANT was kind enough to dig up this great classic Hal Foster illustration of Val enjoying a much-needed tropical getaway.

What comic strip would you like to vacation in?




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