Nothing Motivates Me Like a Chipmunk

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

The May Edition of The Charming-Yet-Infrequent Newletter

I’m working late tonight to give the chipmunk that is hiding behind the couch in my kitchen a chance to make a break for freedom. As long as my dog is here at the studio with me (a mile away from home), the chipmunk has a chance to exit any of the doors I have left wide open for it. All it has to do is follow the trail of sunflower seeds I left for it. I am an old pro at this, having successfully encouraged a raccoon with honey roasted peanuts out of the house several years ago.

My previous guest, the raccoon.

It’s been a busy day, cartooning-wise.

After the chipmunk discovery, I went and talked to a high school class about cartooning. Since I have lived on both coasts and have friends in those places, that is where I tend to do talks. For you Midwest types that might finally like a little attention, now is your chance.

There’s a Cartoon Festival in Kenosha, Wisconsin this September 27-29 that will be free to the public if the organizers can get enough support through their Kickstarter campaign. And if they do, I’m told I may be able to join the line-up. Go check out the video!

And just in, the National Cartoonist Society Foundation has just offered to match each new donation until they reach their $10,000 goal!



Dress Up Your Fridge!

What if, say, a chipmunk came into your house– would you be embarrassed if it saw the tired old magnets clinging desperately to the metal? That problem is now solved. Behold, cartoon refrigerator magnets now available at a large amorphous warehouse in Washington state. That’s right, Amazon!

There are nine new designs, and you can see them all in the new stuff section of the Rhymes With Orange website.


Why it is important to have engineer-y type friends…

We need left-brained people in this world not just to get jobs easily out of college while their right-brained peers wait tables. We also need them to help us realize our creative dreams with their knowledge and safe handling of power tools. It has been a sculpture bonanza for me as a result of collaborating with two different braniacs:

Behold, the plastic barrel peony Chia Pet.

By Hilary Price and Rachael Katz.


Also behold the new official steering wheel of my picture window, so I can steer my house to safety during a storm.


By Hilary Price and Bill Hargraves.


To you knitters out there:

Are knitters left or right brained? Either way, there is now a section of my Cafe Press store devoted specifically to you:


And finally, a word of thanks.

To all of you for reading this, and to the chipmunk who has motivated me to write it.


My best,


Post script: After writing this newsletter, I have since learned that the chipmunk is now safely outside. The cat brought it to my friend while I was working and dropped it at her feet. She was then able to release it to the wild.