Gifts for Dads and Grads

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Summer is fast approaching and we here at DailyINK have two special occasions at the top of our minds; Father’s Day and Graduations.  Whether you’re celebrating the special men in your life or honoring the accomplishments of family or friends, we’ve got the perfect gift to last a lifetime.  A high-quality print of a comic is sure to be a unique and memorable present.

Gifts For Dads:Gifts For Grads:
Baby Blues – January 26, 2012
Dustin October 30, 2012
Dustin April 8, 2012
Family Circus October 2, 2012
Rhymes With Orange – June 19, 2011
Zits – July 7, 2011
Zits – September 23, 2011
Family Circus – November 8, 2011


BABY BLUES – January 26, 2012

ZITS – September 23, 2011


Is your dad, grandfather or graduate a true comic junkie?  Give them a DailyINK gift subscription for access to over 90+ comics updated daily and they’ll get a daily reminder of how much you care.

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Happy Father’s Day to all our DailyINK Dads and best wishes to the graduating classes of 2012!