April 23rd, 2012

Girth Day Celebration

by Wayno & Piraro

Bizarro is brought to you today by Girth Day.

I got a FrontOfYourHeadBook comment early this morning asking what this cartoon means. I suspected it might confuse a few people, especially those not familiar with environmental issues. This person was not a regular reader of Bizarro, and certainly not a Jazz Pickle by any stretch of the imagination because she also asked what the pie at the bottom left corner was about.

I confess I’ve been preachy in the past but I’ve tried to dramatically curb that impulse and am hoping this cartoon is more subtle. The fact that it confused some readers is a good indication that it is a step away from preachy, at least. The simple message here is that we humans demand all kinds of tasty conveniences without any thought of how we are going to pay for them. As most of you know, of course, we are paying for them with the health of our planet.

I’m certain that many people will still see this cartoon as preachy. Before I adopted a vegan diet in 2002, I would have said the same thing. Suggesting to anyone that they change the way they eat is like asking them to change religions. Most people find it threatening and become defensive. I was that guy for decades, so I know. But it isn’t actually as difficult as you might imagine.

The undeniable truth is that currently, raising animals for food is as destructive to the planet as all transportation combined. If you’re consuming meat, fish, dairy, etc., you’re undoing the good you do by recycling and driving your Prius several times over. I’m not judging, I’m just saying.

Incidentally, I researched the numbers I used in this cartoon and they represent the approximate number of human adults and children on Earth at the time I wrote this cartoon a few weeks ago. I’m sure there are lots more by now.

Brief summary of food choices and the environment.

More info on the destructive effects of animal agriculture.





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