Nutty Mom Mob Mutt

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by Bottomless Legume With Strange Codpiece.

It’s been a rough week here at Bizarro International Headquarters but we’ll make it through somehow. Are any of you Jazz Pickles coming to my comedy shows next week? You have a wide assortment of choices, including Thursday’s show, Friday’s show, and Saturday’s show. I want to see you there so badly I can taste it. And it doesn’t taste good, I can tell you.

Speaking of tastes, I like the taste of peanuts. And I like this cartoon about Mr. Peanut, too. It makes me giggle like a ticklish baboon.



This next cartoon is by no means a self portrait, but the character was designed after my mother. In her day, she was quite a looker, but nowadays, she looks a lot like this guy here. It’s sad.

Please don’t tell her that I said that on this blog.

A friend of mine didn’t get this gag at first because he didn’t remember that the lead singer of Journey was Steve Perry. I admit that I’ve never been a fan of Journey, even in their heyday, and the recent revitalization of their popularity (presumably for the sake of nostalgia) is very distressing. When I hear a Journey song, especially “Don’t Stop Believing,” it gets stuck in my head for days. My head threatens to explode and I want to storm Steve Perry’s castle.


My final offering today is about a dog who wants to contact Pluto. But is it the planet or the funny Disney dog? I’ll let you be the judge. All great art is open to the viewer’s interpretation and if this were anything close to “great art,” the same would be true.


See you in a theater soon, JPs. Don’t be late!


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