Hurrah to Draw!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow























Yesterday I did a talk at The Amherst Club, a rotary-type organization, and in the past few years I’ve tried to incorporate in my talks why it’s important for everyone to do art, whether or not they see themselves as “a creative types.” In my opinion, drawing is a low-risk exercise in tolerating uncertainty, a practice in not knowing what will happen next.

Lucky for me, (and all of you) some smarty genius just made my world-wide crusade to get people drawing much easier. It’s the really fun smartphone/ipad app called Draw Something, and there’s a free version. It’s a Pictionary-type of game that you play back and forth with friends, but on your own time. (Like Words With Friends is to Scrabble.)

Here are the two links to download the game. Have fun!




Today I found myself on an airplane heading to Illinois for a family commitment.  We decided the Sky Mall catalog needed a little pepping up.  It began with a few moustaches and went downhill from there…