Clown Nose Tree

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

(To experience this cartoon LIFE SIZE, click the clown’s butt flag!)

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I’ve never been one to find farts funny in real life. I’m not the sort to giggle when something smells bad. I’m more the sort to change my location. But this gag from my “known associate,” Wayno, is hilarious in my opinion (and odorless). Generally speaking, fart jokes, per se, are not allowed in newspaper cartoons but this one is so innocuous and ridiculous that it slipped through without a hitch. Well done, Wayno. He talks about it here, over at Rancho Wayno.

There has never been any rule against cucumber-shaped noses in the newspaper cartoon industry so this one was easy to publish. It is not as easy to understand as the joke above, however, but that’s the fun of it. I  like gags that are strange for the sake of it, as long as there is some loose thread of logic involved. In my opinion, this one achieves that. Hope you think so, too. If you are not already aware, professional actors cannot register with their union under the same name that previous actors have, which is one reason why so many actors go by three names (Philip Seymour Hoffman, etc.) and why Pickle Nose had to change his name.

I got a few messages and emails from readers who did not understand this tree cartoon. I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t have understood it either unless I had heard that Mitt Romney recently said of Michigan, “I love this state. The trees are the right height.” I have no idea what he meant by it and based on things I’ve read, neither does anyone else. Perhaps Mitt likes statements that are strange for the sake of it, too. I think he may be missing the “thread of logic” part, though.

Enjoy your day, Jazz Pickles, and don’t forget to grab some Bizarro crap so I can pay next month’s rent. Seriously.

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