Wayno’s Curious Teeth

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Just a quick post to let my Jazz Pickles know that my “known associate,” Wayno of Pittsburgh, is doing a guest week for Hilary Price of “Rhymes With Orange” this week. To follow is shenanigans, go to his blog here.

Most of you will remember that Wayno has done a couple of guest weeks for me in the past year or two and he is a frequent collaborator on gags that appear in Bizarro. Like the one at left!







And just to keep you caught up with Bizarro, here is a gag that has nothing to do with Wayno. It would have been perfect to run on Presidents’ Day but I didn’t and a year from now no one will remember or care. Not that anyone remembers or cares now.

Speaking of things no one cares about, my Bizarro iPhone app has been fixed and works perfectly now! Download it for almost no money and get my daily cartoons delivered to your phone every ding dang day. Please! I need the 10 cents per app that I get when people buy it!