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Supporting Cast: The Golden Spinach Can Awards!

By Tea Fougner

Everybody here at DailyINK is getting ready for the Oscars (welcome back, Billy Crystal!), and with awards shows on our minds, we thought it would be fun to start giving out some awards of our own. So here it is, ladies and gents, roll out that red carpet and get ready for the Golden Spinach Awards.

We don’t have any PriceWaterhouseCoopers guys to walk in with their fancy briefcases, but we did have the results tabulated on a spreadsheet by our favorite electronic dog. Does that count?

Anyway, take a seat, dim the lights. The envelope, please…

“Most likely to forget his Social Security Number” goes to Zippy of ZIPPY THE PINHEAD

“Most Artful Application of Unwanted Facial Tattoos” goes to The Phantom of THE PHANTOM

“Most annoying know-it-all in the whole world” goes to Margaret Wade of DENNIS THE MENACE

“Best Hair” goes to Dagwood Bumstead of BLONDIE

“Best Crime-Buster” goes to Slylock Fox of SLYLOCK FOX AND COMICS FOR KIDS

“Environmentally Friendliest” goes to Howard the Snow Rabbit of ARCTIC CIRCLE

“Premier Bed Warmer” goes to Beetle Bailey of BEETLE BAILEY

“Best Meal-Faker” goes to Jill Kaplan of THE PAJAMA DIARIES

“Weirdest Best Friend” goes to Gunk of CURTIS

“Best Multitasker” goes to the “Harried Mom” of SIX CHIX

“The Most Perfect Pair” goes to Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn of THE LOCKHORNS

“The Most Desperate Character in Comics” goes to Mamet of DEFLOCKED

“Best Eye Roll” goes to Jeremy Duncan of ZITS

“Grumpiest Boss” goes to P. Martin Shoemaker of SHOE

“Kindest Ear to Clueless Eccentrics” goes to Mary Worth of MARY WORTH

And in the technical division, “Scariest Pyrotechnic Effects” goes to Jeff Miller’s Grilling Technique in MARVIN

Which characters would you love to give an award to, and what would the award be for?