Comedy Much?

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Attention Bizarro Jazz Pickles: Here is a poster for a comedy show I’m putting together for March. It will be about an hour long and cover my idiotic career from 1985 to the present. I hope somebody cares enough to come see it!

D.C. will be the first outing but I hope to do the show in San Francisco and Los Angeles over the spring and summer, as well. I might take it elsewhere if it seems lucrative, we’ll have to see. Who knows?…maybe Comedy Central will make a special out of it! (And maybe Newt Gingrich will go back to his first wife.) And, because some very nice folks have asked politely, I’ll be offering a lovely, suitable-for-framing print of this poster for purchase online. You can bet that so few people will buy one that it will become a collector’s item if you live long enough, so snap one up!

I know I’m behind on posting cartoons on this doggone blog, but I promise to catch up real soon. Maybe even in the next 12 hours or so. It’s been a rough week at Bizarro International Headquarters, so I’m behind on everything. Whoa is me, brothers and sisters.