Surreal Dead Clown Courtesy

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

(Hey, Mr. Bigshot! Click on the eyeball to see this image larger. If you have the guts.)

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If you’re a fan of surrealist art, you’ll recognize a lot of the themes at work in this cartoon. The original concept came from my “known associate,” Wayno of Pittsburgh. This was a truly collaborative effort since I added a fair amount of my own input into the dialogue and art. I’ve been a big fan of surrealism since I was a kid, so this was a lot of fun to draw. Here now are some of the famous images that this cartoon refrences:

Image 1Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5Image 6

And here is what Big Wayno has to say about this nonsense.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to talk for a moment about the dangerous habit that clowns have of cramming themselves into vehicles in numbers well beyond the limits and guidelines of the National Board of Safe Behavior. If you or someone you know is a clown, please limit your passengers to the number of seat belts available. “Just Say No” to Klown Kar Kramming. Or you, too, could find yourself crammed into a Kooky Koffin.


Last cartoon for your weekend Jazz Pickle Gumbo…courtesy phone. I have a feeling that this gag has been done before and probably more than once. It’s one of those ideas that has been beaten to death, in fact. I’m sure of it. But it gave me a smile and I couldn’t remember seeing it done so I barfed it up and sent it in for publication. So sue me.

I hope you enjoyed my little mini-parade of 2-D amusement. For more amusing things to fill  the terrifying corners of your dark and hopeless life, go here.