Oozing Helmet Plague

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by Strange Jeopardy Answer.

So sorry to all of you who depend on reading my blog regularly to be able to sleep at night. I’ve been busy as a monkey with too many bananas lately and my blogging schedule has taken a hit. Don’t be angry with me, I’m punishing myself plenty enough for both of us.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this week the writing and drawing of Bizarro was generously taken over by my “known associate,” Wayno. He’s a good guy and helped me get an extra week ahead on deadlines to give me more time to move. Such a nice boy, in spite of his personal hygiene. (Which is excellent, of course. I’m just kidding. I kid sometimes.)

Anyone remember Rice Krispies, the cereal, and their spokescharacters, Snap, Crackle, and Pop? Me either, but apparently they exist so Wayno made a joke about it. I think it is funny. Bit of behind-the-scenes trivia––Wayno used parts of me in every character in this cartoon. From left to right: the mustache, the cigar, the dazed look in the eyes, the buck teeth.

In this cartoon about a Swisserman, he did not use any parts of me. Which, based on how that last cartoon turned out, is probably a good thing. The quonset hut in the back looks a bit like my new place in LA, though.

Our last cartoon today is about that irritating pharaoh in all of our lives. In my own real life, I have three brothers-in-law since all three of my sisters managed to con someone into marrying them. They’re all nice guys and none would come under the heading of “annoying brother-in-law,” but you get the point. Wayno, on the other hand, probably hates his brother(s)-in-law, otherwise how could you possibly explain this cartoon? You cant, that’s my point.

Wayno has his own blog (he’s probably copying me, but he’s a friend so I let it go) so perhaps he goes into great detail about why he hates his brother(s)-in-law, who they are, where they live, and embarrassing anecdotes about their idiocy. I hope so. That would be fun. Let’s find out here.


Just because the spotlight is on Wayno this week doesn’t mean you can forget entirely about me and how much my meager income depends on people buying my books. This one is a perfect example of a really good one.