Christmas Cavalcade O’Comics

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by Holiday Weekend!

I won’t spend a lot of time blogging today because I’ve got holiday events to attend. Since I don’t celebrate Xmas and I’m tired of Festivus, I’ve decided this year to give tribute to Kwanzaa. Some people are all, “that’s just a made-up holiday!” Well, guess what, genius, ALL holidays are made up, by definition. Nature doesn’t have holidays, you big goober. You probably feel silly now, don’t you? Well, you should but it’s the holiday season so let’s just move past that in the spirit of forgiveness.

So I don’t actually know crap about Kwanzaa and wasn’t sure how to celebrate it but I decided that walking around all week in black face and a dashiki would be a good start. Like all new traditions, however, most people are resistant to the idea and some are downright offended. I think that once it catches on it will be more festive and less contentious. If a celebrity appears on TV or something in black face during Kwanzaa, that will turn the tide completely and everyone will be doing it. Like Ted Danson, for instance.

Meanwhile, enjoy these holiday cartoons in whatever way your own beliefs and traditions allow. (i.e.: if you’re Jewish you’ll find pretty much everything funny, if you’re a Pentecostal Christian, you’ll find nothing funny and you’re risking your eternal soul by evening visiting this web site. Every other religion is somewhere in between.)

The nativity cartoon above is one of my favorites of late. It’s not opening editorial, as many of my Xmas cartoons have been, it just lets the reader assume what they will about the connection between the legendary birth of The Messiah, and a flying reindeer.

Below is a cavalcade of Xmas comics from years past. I hope you find at least one that does not make you vomit your egg nogg.