Ask the Archivist: Wavering Woodleys

By Mark Johnson

Lesser lights, but still well known, are many strip stars’ neighbors. The most famous next-door neighbors are the Woodleys, in the long-running popular comic strip, BLONDIE.

At first, Herb and Tootsie looked a bit different, in fact they originally weren’t Herb and Tootsie, they were Bill and Tootsie.

April 29, 1933: Newlyweds Blondie & Dagwood encounter Tootsie for the first time, though she’s given a first name on August 23rd. She refers to her husband as “Bill,” but he would be renamed Herbert on May 18th.

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 May 2, 1933: Mr. Woodley pops his head over the fence to make his debut. (with their baby, “Little Alex.”

They started off with a little baby boy named Alex, but apparently Chic Young wasn’t keeping track, and he disappears. Suddenly the Woodleys have a daughter instead, named Bunny on September 20, 1933.

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October 2, 1933: The whole Woodley family – for a while…

Baby gags that flowed from the Woodley progeny now were assigned to the Bumsteads’ new son in 1934, leaving little reason for a second child about the same age, so it (whatever sex it was) vanishes in late 1934.

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June 16, 1934: The Woodley kid just got in the way after Baby Dumpling was added to the cast.

From here the family stabilized, and would leave kids vs. parents confusion next door.

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