Yippee Aye Yay Drink Lazy

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

(To see this cartoon way up big like a grizzly bear, click the yellow balloon.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Unfortunate Crowd Shot.

Just yesterday I lucked into a pretty great place to live in LA, so I’m feeling much better. I can’t move in until the 13th, however, so my life is still locked up in a moving van until then. Can’t wait for my art supplies, cartoon files, and favorite pajamas to arrive.

What I could really use right now, however, is my motorcycle, which is still in the hospital in Brooklyn after my recent accident. (At least, I assume the idiot who ran a stop sign and darted out in front of me did it by accident.) Unfortunately, my bike probably won’t be cured and cleared for travel until January. Until then, I am blessed with the honor of driving a rented Chevy Ambivalence, or some such thing. It was the cheapest car I could find, hence the manual crank window handles, built-in 8 track player, and a pull-starter like a lawn mower.

Now lets talk cartoons. The first one is about cowboys and two meanings of the word “giddy.” The second one is about a guy named Beethoven who wrote music and got drunk a lot or something. I can’t honestly remember right now. The third one is about how lousy politicians usually are. Whatever.

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