December 2nd, 2011

Lemming Fleas Krazy Kamp

by Wayno & Piraro

Bizarro is brought to you today by Life’s Little Journeys.

As I have mentioned in a previous post or two, I am currently living like a gypsy in Los Angeles. I moved here last weekend from my previous (and much cooler-sounding) headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, and am looking for a place to live. In the meantime, I am living in an old carnival wagon at the edge of town, dressed in a flowing scarf dress and shawl. I’m giving the occasional Tarot card reading to make extra cash.

Because I am out of pocket and most of my stuff is on a moving van somewhere between the East and West Coasts, it has been hard to keep up with my blogging efforts. I hope I have not lost too many readers with my sporadic postificationizing.

Many readers have asked why I have moved, and so in order to stem the tide of personal responses I’ve had to send out, I will say now officially that my reasons are three-fold: the weather is better (the way warm chocolate is better than cold, damp sand), I hope to get a foothold in the TV animation world, and my beloved CHNW and I have split up. This final reason was and remains very sad but I won’t be discussing it publicly. Suffice to say that life handed us lemmings and we’re doing our best to make lemmingade. We have committed to remain friends, so that’s one good thing, at least.

Back to cartooning: If you don’t understand this Cole Porter gag, you’re not alone. I heard from a guy living under a rock in northern Canada who didn’t get it, either. Here’s a clue: look up the lyrics to Porter’s classic, “Let’s Do It.”

(Note: If you don’t like Cole Porter’s songs, seek medical attention. You may have a large piece of your brain missing.)





Here’s a fun gag about Krazy Glue, which is a real product if you didn’t know. (In this age of the Interwebs, you cannot be certain that all of your readers are from a place that has the same stores as you do.) This gag idea came from my “known associate,” Wayno. He talks about these things here. Wayno’s Wiggly Wigwam Wonderland.


Wayno also collaborated with me on this gag. He’s been helping me a lot in recent months as I prepared for my move. Thanks, W!

He waxes poetic about it here: Click.


It occurs to me that you might need the perfect gift for all occasions and a low low price. This is surely it!




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