Death Food Turkey

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by Jewish Christmas.

I’m in a big rush today so I can’t write much. Thanks to all the Bizarro Jazz Pickles who showed up to my talk at MoCCA last night on a cold, wet, damp, chilly, soggy, rainy, freezing, windy, blustery, crappy night. You’re sweet. (Though some of you were dill.)

Now to the cartoons:

1. A doctor cartoon. I didn’t really mean for the Grim Reaper to look like he’s smiling, but that’s what skulls do. Hence the term, “Jolly” Roger. And why wouldn’t they be smiling? Their problems are over.


2. A politics cartoon. The seed of this idea came from my strange and mysterious friend, Richard Cabeza. Thanks for your seed, dick.







3. Another doctor cartoon, this time with a Thanksgiving theme. I’m not a fan of holidays that are about “thanks” and “blessings” that incorporate mass slaughter of innocents. I know most of you think that I’m crazy for wanting to give birds the same right to live an unmolested life as we human mammals (apart from the necessary and natural balances of nature, which our mass farming and slaughter falls as far from as humanly possible) but that’s just who I am. I’ll be eating plant-based foods tomorrow and being thankful for that.

That’s all for today. I’m in a big rush. The walls are caving in and I need to hide under my desk.

Also, happy birthday to one of my fathers-in-law, Ralph. He’s a great guy. I think I’ll send him one of these books that is the perfect gift for any occasion.