My Dirty Business…

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

It’s no secret that I’m a writer for American Greetings. I’ve been with the company for – eek – almost 19 years now. I was hired full-time to be an in-house humorous writer/illustrator. These days, I have a part-time contract, and I exclusively write (no illustrating, which only sucks for the sheer fact that I can’t enter the Reuben Award card division. Eh.).

Anyway…I say this because I just ran a story series based on my kids discovering a few adult-themed cards lying around my desk. Normally I’m pretty careful about keeping them hidden, but occasionally I slip. These weren’t X-rated cards per se – not like some I wrote in the 90’s (my nickname? “Dirty Terri”) — but “unclean” enough for young eyes. One positive thing came out of it: it sparked this idea:



It’s like I always say: if you can’t be a model parent, then write a story arc about it.