Me, You and A Sunday Afternoon…

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

For a Rhymes With Orange Tagging Party!

On Jan.15th, I’m gathering friends and fans in Northampton, MA to read comics, eat pizza and type in keywords on strips on the Rhymes With Orange website. (You’re not actually typing words on the strips, you are typing in a short description of the strip in the guts of the website so that people will be able to search for strips by topic.)

It will be fun! It will be festive! And partiers get a specially designed tagging party T-shirt! (It’s not the image you see now– this one was just for this post.)

It will also make the website SO much better, because you can finally find those old faves you had pinned up on the fridge. There are a lot of strips that need tags, and you’ll be able to see toons all the way back to 1995!

To make this a success, I need to corral a bunch of folks to volunteer their Sunday afternoon.

The details:

The Rhymes With Orange Tagging Party

January 15, 2012. 3-8 p.m.

Basement of Thornes, old Dynamite Records space

150 Main St.

Northampton, MA 01060

Interested? E-mail me: hilary (at) rhymeswithorange (dot) com

Put “Tagging Party” in the subject heading.