Comic Strip of the Day

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Today’s RETAIL made Mike Peterson’s “Comic Strip of the Day” blog.

Mike Peterson is a former newspaper journalist, editor, and comics aficionado who maintains a daily blog at www.comicstripoftheday.com.

What the blog is about in Mike’s own words:

I read some 120 comic strips a day. Each day, I post a strip here that made me laugh, made me think or impressed me with its artistry. It’s my hope that you’ll see some new strips here and decide to follow that artist’s work, and perhaps even to support that work by purchasing a collection of strips. But, mostly, I hope you’ll find this a place to get a laugh each day. After all, comic strips are a very demanding art form, but the ultimate point of all that work and all those deadlines is to give readers a little pleasure each day

Mike’s blog is always thoughtful, and his perspective on comics is truly a breath of fresh air. Give his blog a visit if you have time. You may just discover your new favorite comic … well … second favorite.