Arctic Circle Comics – The First eBook

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

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As I mentioned in my last post, I want to do an introduction to Arctic Circle as an eBook. Figuring out what to put in the book is hard. The strip has been going a few years and I find it difficult to even look at the old material as Arctic Circle has matured in style and scope since 2007 when it launched.

Furthermore, eBooks can’t get too big, or they take forever to download – I can’t put in the first four years of strips, even if I wanted to.

So what should I put in? I sketched out what I thought was important and distilled it down to the following chapter headings:

How It All Started

First Week of Strips (I guess I have to put this in…)

The Characters -Oscar – Ed – Gordo – Howard – Frank – Lenny – Hector – Gwen

My Own Favourite Strips

Is there anything else you think I should include? I want this to answer the questions that a new reader of Arctic Circle would have. Like, why on Earth are there penguins in the Arctic…?