Library/Book/Cartooning Fans Get in on the Oslo Action.

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Update: he got the backing, so I’m looking forward to seeing the book.

A message from my cartooning friend, Oslo

Libraryland will be limited-edition, nicely-designed book of sketches and illustrations drawn by me when I was at the State Library of Victoria last year. All things going well I will print 250 copies of Libraryland and will launch it early December this year.

Right now Libraryland needs YOUR SUPPORT to make it come into existence.

If you can SPREAD THE WORD about Libraryland that would be GREAT!

If you can SUPPORT IT YOURSELF (i.e., help fund it) that would be even GREATER! I have set up Pozible page so people like your good selves can easily support it, and get REWARDS! (Pozible is a crowdfunding site where you anyone can directly fund people’s projects, and you get stuff in return for your generosity.)

The link for tweeting, Facebooking, posting to blogs, or even DIRECTLY FUNDING, is


Cheers, and thanks for reading all this,


Oslo Davis

Illustrator and cartoonist