Tony Husband Exhibition

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

I grew up on some great kids’ comics in Britain. One of my favourites was “Oink”. That’s how I first came across the work of Tony Husband, in the form of “Mr Big Nose” and “Burp the Alien”. I still have a Mr Big Nose strip stuck on the inside of my “Fungus the Bogeyman” ringbinder (which I use for my Australian tax forms).

Mr Big Nose by Tony Husband

The Bloghorn informs me that Tony is having an exhibition:

Another Pair of Underpants, an exhibition of cartoons by Tony Husband, is at Tom’s Chophouse, Cross St, Manchester, until November 10.

It features around 350 pieces — strips, topical gags and sports cartoons — along with a series of large photos of Tony at work by the photographer Wolfgang Webster.

Everything in the exhibition is for sale and the final day will see a charity dinner. Half of the proceeds will go to the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Appeal. Prints and originals are for sale, along with books and cartoon placemats.

I’m gutted that I’m going to miss it.