Environmental Bird Poo Pundit

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by Not My Lunch.

When drawing this cartoon I was looking on the Interwebs for reference for a Smart Car and found a picture of one that had actually been converted into one of these big-wheel beasts. Of course. I should have known someone would. How much did they spend? Was it worth it? Does he get paid for showing up places with it? Is there a point to it other than to own something weird? Not judging, just wondering.

Some fun background gags here are the “Bunnyville Pie Factory,” and “First National Bang of America,” and my favorite, “Tattoos While You Wait”. What other kind of tattoos are there?

These other two cartoons get us caught up to date until Monday. I think about pigeons a lot because we have a flock that live in our neighborhood and regularly feed in our backyard. We also nurse sick pigeons back to health and add them to the flock from time to time. I’ve always really loved pigeons; I’m not one of those who thinks they are “flying rats.” Come to think of it, I like rats, too, but I don’t feed them in my yard.

Here’s a fun pic of me in our bathroom with two pigeons about to be released. They were orphaned when too young to survive so someone fed them and got them all-growed-up so they could join their kind. They left this morning and gave us a wink and a thumbs-up to show their thanks. (Yes, I’m shirtless but I was in my own bathroom so I think it’s allowed.)

Speaking of politics, I got an email this morning saying that at a recent GOP debate, the crowd booed a serving soldier in the audience who asked a question. His problem was that he admitted to being gay and asked something about the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell”. According to this report, none of the candidates criticized the audience’s reaction. If that’s true, can you imagine what would happen if a Democratic crowd had booed a serving soldier? If someone is willing to risk their life to preserve your right to be a bigoted asshole in a free country, what kind of crap-monkey would criticize them because of whom they find sexually attractive in their private life? I try keep specific politics like this out of my blog, but I f**king hate people like that. Come out of the dark ages, people.

Have a great weekend, my dear readers.