Wedding of the Century

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

(This cartoon will be funnier if you see it larger. Click the Devil’s mustache.)

Bizarro is brought to the Interwebs today by My Parent’s Neighbor.

The family wedding for which I came to Oklahoma was yesterday and it was terrific! A golden carriage drawn by six white horses, a full-size orchestra, dancing dwarves, hot air balloons, fireworks, a traveling production of Hamlet performed by the Royal London Repertory Theatre of London, and an all-you-can-eat caviar buffet with a Godiva chocolate fountain!

Okay, I lied. But it was a nice wedding if you like rooms full of sweaty relatives and Doritos. Many congrats and many happy decades to my nephew, Aaron, and his lovely bride, Adrienne. As I always say on these occasions, your first marriage is often the most important!

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