Non-Reader of the Month

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

We’ve already got a Bizarro Reader of the Month for July so by international law, I cannot name another. My hands are tied. But that does not stop me from designating a Bizarro NON-Reader of the Month. Congratulations, Ms. Vivienne Rose Something-or-other! (I assume this is a girl because of the name and also the bow in her hair, which is baby code for: vagina on board.)

She has won this widely coveted distinction because she sent me this picture of herself wearing one of my cartoons on her “onesie.” Which brings to mind the fact that you can find just about any Bizarro cartoon you can think of on a wide variety of dandy products by clicking here. And it’s affordable. (If you have some money.)

A baby who will not be receiving an award is her sister, Esor Enneiviv, who also sent a picture (see below).  Esor gets nothing because she is not wearing one of my products and, if you look closely, you can make out the face of the Devil reflected in her glasses. I suspect she is the “Anti-baby” so no awards for her.