Ups and Downs

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Summer always seems to disrupt routines, which can be a good thing except when it’s not. I’ve always counseled young cartoonists to shake up their routines, use new tools, take a different route to work, eat cereal for dinner… all in the service of staying fresh and seeing life from new perspectives.

Truth is, I hate my own advice. I love nothing more than wearing a deep groove to my favorite coffee shop day after day and sinking deeper and deeper into my own world of thoughts. My best work has usually come when I’m in such a groove, and when life deprives me of my grooves I get kind of ornery. It can take a long time to regain your train of thought when travel, vacations and visitors disrupt, however life enhancing they may be.

So summer has finally taken its toll and, as you regular blog visitors have discerned by now, routines are busted to pieces. I’m a better person for the travel and fun, of course, but… bah! Give me my ruts!