Great News from World Headquarters/My Blue Folding Card Table

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

It’s the Rhymes With Orange Charming-Yet-Infrequent-Newsletter!

Today’s topics:

–My dog babysits

–Newspaper update

–A stint on public radio

–The best movie I’ve seen this year

–Christmas in July, Tonight!

My Dog Babysits

Rhymes With Orange Makes Varsity in the Seattle Times

A BIG THANKS to everyone in Seattle who wrote in to The Times in support of the strip.  I heard from my syndicate this week that the strip landed a permanent spot on the page after being the “guest comic strip” for the last few months. You will be able to see it Monday through Saturday.  Not sure about on Sundays or online, so if you want to see it in those places, let The Times know.

Denver Update

No news yet on whether The Denver Post will bring back the strips they dropped, so if you live in the Denver area and haven’t yet written in, I hope you will.  If you live far away from Denver, do NOT write in, but urge your Denver-livin’ friends to click the keyboard.

Contact  [email protected], or call 303-954-1281.  Include where you live in your message or e-mail.

My Dumb American Tourist Story is on the Radio

My local NPR station recorded my little French fashion mishap story and aired it last Friday.  Hear it here!

A handy primer…

The Best Movie I’ve Seen This Year

Is a documentary called Page One, and it’s about The New York Times.  (Note:  I’m not in love with The New York Times– no comics page– nor am I a sucker for all documentaries.)  However,  if you’ve ever wondered what the future of news is, this is a really interesting story.  One of the main characters is David Carr, a former crack addict come NYT reporter.  He’s a very funny no-nonsense curmudgeon.  Go see it and let me know what you think.




Live locally? Come tonight to Christmas in July!

Come on out this Friday for stand up, improv and live music, all of it to raise cash for the upcoming winter production of our play Santacide. Santacide is a comedy whodunit written by myself and Kelsey Flynn. It was first produced in 2007, and since then has been totally rewritten and fancied up. It will put on this December 17th by Kelsey’s acting troupe, The August Company.

But for this Friday, we’ve assembled our most talented friends to give their no-holds-barred take on Christmas, and it promises to be a rollicking good time. Money raised will go to renting the Academy of Music for Santacide’s one night only production on Saturday, December 17th, 2011.

Laughs! Music! Wrestling! Even a Yankee Swap! You don’t want to miss tonight’s entertainment.  Even a Custom Lego creche to a lucky winner.

WHEN: Tonight, July 15th, 8 pm

WHERE: The basement of Thornes Market Place, 150 Main St. Northampton, MA.  (The former Dynamite Records space)

PRICE: $12 tickets only at the door.

WHY:  To laugh at comedians and improvisers and enjoy our secret rock star guest, plus raise money for the December production of Santacide.


That’s everything! Stay cool, and thanks for tuning in!