Channeling my Inner “Weird Al”…

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

About once a year, I get the parody bug. I’m not sure if it’s the closet songstress in me or what, but I have tremendous fun making up spoofy tunes. I’ve done about four of them so far, and the bug is starting to bite again. I work about five months ahead, so maybe the next one will be holiday-themed. We’ll see.

Anyway, these take up a considerable amount of mental energy, which is probably why I only do them once a year. The lengthiest so far was from early 2011: a Lady Gaga knock-off.

I have a feeling readers either love or hate these parodies, depending how patient they are (or how much pop culture knowledge they possess, as in the case of Gaga). Well, love or hate ‘em, here they are in all their glory. If you have 10 minutes and great vision, please enjoy!

From 2008

From 2009



From 2010

From 2011