Denver Appeal

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Before I explain, I need Denver Post readers to make some serious noise about their decision to drop Rhymes With Orange and 11 others, leaving the golden oldies in tact. (Has Fred Bassett really done anything dynamic lately?) If you know Rocky Mountain folks in the Denver Post reading area, ask them to e-mail The Features Editor, Jeanette Chavez.

[email protected]

The Post is waiting to see if anyone will complain.  If not, they’ll do nothing.  For folks who don’t know the business behind comics, getting the strip in print is how I pay for dog kibble and other necessities.  It is not via an online presence.

Here’s a list of who got axed: Bizarro, Brevity, Doonesbury, Dustin, F-Minus, Frazz, Heart of the City, The Knight Life, Non Sequitur, Overboard, Peanuts, Rhymes with Orange, and Scary Gary.

So please, spread the word to people who read the Post. Thanks SO much!

Here’s a story running in a Denver blog about it.

Today I got my old shoes mailed back to me

Sometime back in 1993, I was hanging out with some friends in San Francisco’s Dolores Park.  My pack of friends started talking to another pack of twenty-somethings, and we sat, split a bottle of wine and played fetch in the grass with our new-found friend’s dog.  The dog owner’s name was Kelly.  She worked on the runway at the SF airport.  It was a carefree afternoon in my early twenties. We didn’t see each other again.

Fast forward to two months ago.  I got a letter in the mail from that very Kelly– whose full name is Kelly Jo Shows. She has since has traded in her orange taxiing cones for paint brushes and San Francisco for Kennebunk, Maine.  In addition to dog portraits, she did a series of portraits of Maine’s artist’s shoes, and has since expanded the project.  She wanted to know if a pair of mine would volunteer to sit for a painting. My feet (and the rest of me) weren’t expected to join them.

Jamie Wyeth offered up his espadrilles for the cause:


So I sent them—these are the shoes I always wear when I do my cartoon talks. Black, comfy, nice arches with a small square heel.

And today I got them returned to me in the mail. The minute I see the portrait, you will too!

Thanks for tuning in,