Monkey Shines for the Lord

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by Gorgeous Surfaces.

Today’s offering is a fun little ditty about the power of creative thinking. This is one of my buddy Wayno‘s concoctions that was inspired by one I did a few months back. These chimps are very time consuming to draw and I’m a super-busy, super-important big shot, so I plopped this image together on computer using elements from the earlier cartoon. I still had to redraw certain elements fairly extensively, but using some of the older cartoon saved me a lot of time. Which I used to do super-important things. Cartoonists do this sort of thing all the time but they rarely admit it. But you and I have no secrets, so I’m copping to it without hesitation.

Then there’s this cartoon from my uber-wordsmith buddy, Cliff. He’s a wiz with words in simple, but clever and original ways. I envy him.

Someone once wrote to me criticizing me for my heaven/hell cartoons, accusing me of attempting to evanglize readers with my depictions of Christian beliefs. I politely informed him that I am doing no such thing, but that heaven, hell, angels, and devils are terrific symbols that enable a satirist such as myself to comment on the human condition in a visual language that virtually anyone can understand. That’s why these characters were invented by humankind in the first place. The reason mythology is so ubiquitous throughout human history is because it works so well.

So there.

Hope you have a great day, my precious blog reader. Without you, none of these words or images would matter to anyone but me. Thanks for lending me your eyes.

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