Big Explosions

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by My Silly Daughters.

July 4th is coming up (or, as I refer to it, “Natural Selection Day”) and if you’re wondering why I didn’t wait to publish this first cartoon until then, your guess is as good as mine. Actually, I thought I had, but I guess in the melee of getting ahead on deadlines so I could leave town last week for LA, this one slipped through a few weeks early. 100 years from now, no one will care. (I am not assuming anyone cares now, however.)

I was in LA for a Super Secret Mystery Project which I hope to be able to reveal to you, dear reader, sometime soon. But who knows. The world of cartooning is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Here’s a little ditty which I did manage to run on the correct date; one month after the “rapture,” as predicted by what’s-his-name-the-old-preacher-guy-who-thinks-he’s-a-profit. Sorry, “prophet.” Of course, the new, revised rapture date is in October, so we’ve got some fun ahead of us yet. Don’t go away.

And our last cartoon today is from my good buddy, Andy Cowan, former writer for “Seinfeld.” He’s a funny guy and about my age, so we relate to this kind of gag. Every time I go somewhere and get carded, I’m always afraid I’m going to be forbidden entry because I’m too old. Not that I hang out in places full of youngsters, of course. Come to think of it, if I were forbidden entry to a club that was full of twenty-somethings, it would be a blessing, not a curse. I didn’t enjoy those places even when I was in my twenties, and now that I need a walker to get around, even less so.

Here’s a little treat for you: Andy Cowan used to be a writer for and a regular performer on the old Merv Griffin Show and has done tons of other stuff in the showbiz world. Part of his schtick back then was to do short comedy videos, which are actually pretty funny. Here’s one of my favorites of his, something of a tribute to Andy Rooney and a promo for himself.

And here is the full 7 1/2 minutes of his award-winning 60 Minutes parody called, “6 Minutes.”

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