Apocalypse, Day 1

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you by The Apocalyptic Aftermath.

It is Sunday morning, the day after Harold Camping’s judgment day prediction, so if you’re reading this you were left behind. Sorry, dude.

These are the final two cartoons from Wayno’s guest week, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed not having to write or draw them. The one about the Tea Party and Banana Republicans will likely get some hate mail from the right, but that’s not my problem. Hassle Wayno about it, I didn’t think up this gag.

The concept for “Insect Heaven” is one that he and I worked on together. We bounced the dead bug ideas back and forth a bit before we decided on the final five. Wayno drew it by himself, of course. May favorite is the praying mantis. I suppose I relate to him because I think that everyone feels that in some way or another they are consumed by their spouses. Whether it’s in a serious way, like those who are brow-beaten by domineering partners, or in smaller ways, like when CHNW talks during a punchline of a TV show we’re watching and I have to:

1. find the remote

2. pick it up

3. hit rewind

4. listen to the punchline again

How long can I live under this kind of repression? Keep tuning in to this blog to find out.

Have a great week, sorry you weren’t raptured.

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