May 21st, 2011

The End (For Real This Time)

by Wayno & Piraro

Bizarro is brought to you today by The End of the World.

This is my favorite Wayno cartoon during this week of guest cartooning that he so graciously did for me. I love the drawing and the gag is one of those that makes me hate him because I wish I’d thought of it first. DAMN YOU, WAYNO!

But hold on, Mr. Clown, don’t jump yet! Tomorrow is the end of the world, according to some 3000+ billboards all around North America. According to a brilliant Bible-mumbo-jumbo-figurer-outer, Harold Camping, at a certain time on Saturday night, all of the “true believers” will be swept up into the sky to their heavenly reward (rapture!) and the rest of us (yes, I include myself in the number of those left behind) will be left among the apocalyptic chaos wondering what happened. Harold and his ilk say that the rest of us will then have a few months to realize that they were right all along (sweet victory!) and sign up for Jesuspalooza so we can be saved when Dr. J returns to incinerate the wicked. It’s going to be this year’s biggest blockbuster, so bring your 3-D glasses.

On the positive side of this story, if you act quickly you can sack the homes of the “raptured” citizens and enjoy some of their stuff for the summer. That is, if you can find a “true believer” who has stuff that you’d want. There won’t be much to choose from here in NYC because there are so few trailer parks* here, but I might get lucky and find an abandoned car with the keys still in it. You never know. One of my readers said that Saturday’s Rapture is sponsored by Depends adult diapers. I know that if I was suddenly swept up into the sky I’d crap my pants for sure.

For anyone curious about how so many people can continue to fall for this kind of fairytale nonsense, a terrific, short article from the Montreal Gazette about cognitive dissonance can be found here.

Wayno’s ongoing description of his guest week is here.

Whether you’re flying through the sky Saturday night or standing on the ground pointing up at your sanctimonious neighbors, you’re going to want to be well dressed! All manner of Bizarro cartoons on fine products here.

*My “trailer park” comment is not meant to insinuate that all Christians live in trailer parks, only that those who follow Rev. Camper’s schedule of events are more likely to live in one that the rest of us.”




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