Cat Crush

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by My First TV Crush.

Yesterday, I got an email from Julie Newmar, the original Catwoman from the Batman TV series of the 60s. Reading it, my heart was all aflutter, even after all these years. I was only 9 years old when I first saw her and fell hopelessly under her spell. The message was strong if ambiguous, given my tender age: I was heterosexual and I wanted Julie Newmar to teach me what that meant. Not long after, I saw her as Stupefyin’ Jones in the musical version of Lil Abner. Yowza!

What if, as I stared lustfully at the TV in 1967, someone had whispered into my ear, “One day, she will email you,”? I would not have believed it! Nor would I have known what email was and I probably would have screamed like baby at the sight of a time traveler in my living room.

Ms. Newmar was not contacting me about my heterosexuality, however. It seems her favorite Bizarro cartoon is the one shown here with the cat selling the dog on ebay, and she wanted to know if she could get it on a T-shirt and a mug. After a quick search, I realized that this cartoon hadn’t been posted in our store so I had it done posthaste and sent the link to Julie. I hope she could smell my pheromones on the response. I bet she could.

I then remembered that a lot of people have mentioned this cartoon to me over the years so I wanted to share it with you along with this story today. As long as I’m in a sharing mood, below are the two latest Bizarro cartoons to get you caught up on this week’s monkeyshines.

If you have any memories of early TV crushes when you were growing up, let me hear about them. If, like me, you also had a crush on Julie Newmar, let’s hear about that, too. I like hearing things and things is just what you have to talk about!


All of this year’s Bizarro cartoons and then some, on dandy products you can hold in your mitts. Here.