Team Cul De Sac

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

My take on the Cul de Sac characters Alice and Dill

Richard Thompson’s Cul de Sac comic strip launched two weeks after Arctic Circle and blew it (and most other strips) out of the water. The best strip to be syndicated in donkey years, it has gained countless fans, newspapers and critical acclaim.

From the outset, I’ve had a lot of email chat with Richard and I got to meet him at last year’s Reuben’s. He’s a great guy, and I say that even though he stiffed me lunch.

So it was a double-whammy to find out that he had Parkinsons. When I learned of the Team Cul de Sac idea through his blog, I had to draw something and you can find my offering here. I just hope it doesn’t get published next to the real thing, as it would pale in comparison.

(Update: it got posted just before the submission by Bill Watterson…talk about paling in comparison….)