Tulsa Roundup

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by FRIENDS IN HATS!!!

Dudes and dudettes, I’ve missed you terribly. I’ve been gone for a week and am suffering from blogdrawal. So here are a week’s worth of cartoons and some stories from my visit to the teeming town of Tulsa.

My secret reason for being in the old hometown was that I was recording music. I’ve been writing songs for the past couple of years and wanted to get them down in some professional fashion so a friend of mine, Tiny Tony “T” Smith, offered to do this for me. So we spent the week recording and got four songs down. I’ll be selling the disc on these very Internets at some point when the mixing is done. I hope one or two of you will give it a listen. I don’t expect to make a dime off of it, just want to share.

While there I had an art show opening at a dandy little groove depot called Dwelling Spaces. It’s run by a delectably energetic juggernaut called Mary Beth Babcock. She’s the bomb and so is her store. The event went well, we sold a few original Bizarro cartoons, and the crowd was a good-sized one of smiley people who laughed at my short stand-up routine, so I can’t complain. They even had vegan cookies! Even though I was in the bowels of the Bible Belt, I did the Punxsutawney Jesus routine. It got a big laugh. I’m sure it burned a few ears but nobody shot at me.

Saturday night I met the Tulsa Atheist group for drinks. Good folks, good fun and very little sacrificing of human babies or burning of flags. I’m an honorary member now and they even gave me a coffee cup with their logo! The president is a great guy named Kenny Nip who used to be a stand-up comic of some note. We got talking and realized we’d met a couple of times before in the distant past but didn’t realize it until this past weekend. Weird, huh? The lord works in mysterious ways. (Or not.)

Another big time was when I went out to a spiffy cigar bar one night with my good buddy, Randall, and Tiny Tony tagged along. Guys night out! Woohoo!

More fun ensued when I had lunch with a couple of bawdy babes by the names of Laura and Jean. They were, as the gays used to say in the nineties, a “hoot,” and they invited me to a rich lady’s party on Sunday night. The gang there was mostly artsy-, musically-, filmy-, writery-type folks, all of whom were precious in their own way. At about 11pm, as we were all sitting around this big mansion, our phones all went off almost simultaneously. It was surreal. In this manner we learned that Osama bin Laden was dead and we each expressed our approval in our own way. Though none of us grabbed a gun and a flag and took to our ATVs hooting like hillbillies. Perhaps we missed an opportunity.

I’m back at headquarters now, where my beloved CHNW fills my every dream and desire and I can smoke cigars indoors. YES!

Come back tomorrow for more cartoons and shenanigans, my friends. I’ve missed you.

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