Rock Star Frank Caruso

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

The world of cartooning doesn’t produce many rock stars, but we’re buddies with the only guy who could qualify — Frank Caruso, creative director at King Features Syndicate by day, and uber cool cartoonist and rock high priest by night. I mean, come on, look at him. You think Stephan Pastis doesn’t have Frank’s poster on his wall?

Frank has pulled us out of more than a few fires over the years, including designing one of our best Zits book covers, Alternative Zits. Those are real coffee stains, folks. The guy is the real deal.

As if that alone wasn’t enough to assure him fame and fortune, Frank has collaborated with Andrew Vachss on a knockout of a new book called Heart Transplant, a first-of-its-kind graphic novel about bullying. It’s graphically rich and textured, gorgeous in every conceivable way and, oh by the way, important. If you care about the real stuff teenagers go through, click on the link and order it now.