October 12th, 2010


by Norm Feuti

Welcome to retailcomic.com!

For those who are discovering my work for the first time, I’m Norm Feuti, and this is the new online home of my syndicated comic strip, Retail.

Retail presents a humorous look at the retail industry by chronicling the daily events at the fictitious Grumbel’s department store. Drawing from my 15 years of experience working in retail management, the humor of Retail plays out through the day-to-day trials and triumphs of four main Grumbel’s department store employees (Marla, Cooper, Val, and Stuart) and the customers they encounter. Retail is distributed worldwide by King Features and appears in about 70 newspapers throughout the US and Canada.

In celebration of its fifth year in syndication, I’m expanding Retail’s online presence with this new website.  Retail comics will now update daily on retailcomic.com.

This site offers fans of the strip a new way to enjoy Retail comics on the web.  Readers can now comment on individual comics, share them via their favorite social network, and browse through the entire run of Retail comics by using the archive drop-down menu on the sidebar.  Every Retail strip that’s ever been printed is on this site, so feel free to dive in and read them all!

I’d like to offer a sincere thank you to all my fans for making the last five years such a rewarding experience.  I hope you enjoy the new site and visit often!





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