Farmers Market Cartoon

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

the penguins visit the farmers market

The boyf and I love farmers markets. We braved the rain this morning to go to the one in St Kilda and have stocked up for the week. When we lived in New Zealand, I helped him and Project Lyttelton set up the Lyttelton Farmers Market. The boyf was a big fan of the one in San Francisco, so I used their logo as a basis for the one for LFM – and that is the inspiration for the bag that you see in the cartoon.

Lyttelton Farmers Market bag

What I hadn’t realised when I wrote this cartoon, was that it would appear exactly 5 years after we started the LFM. It was the first Saturday in September and it was raining just as it is raining today in Melbourne. To our delight, the market was an instant success and has gone from strength to strength, becoming a vital part of the Lyttelton community.