June 22nd, 2010

Frost The Cupcakes! Rhymes With Orange Turns 15!

by Hilary Price

I’ve stripped 5,475 times

As the 5,475th strip rolls off the presses, it’s time to thank all you readers who have taken the time to send me e-mail for Cialis at low low low prices. And, of course, the rest of you– your encouraging words have been so very helpful, especially during my darker, low-inspiration moments. (Usually every Tuesday.)

So THANK YOU! It actually happened this Saturday on June 19th, but I didn’t want all the fanfare to eclipse Father’s Day. (Hope you called your Dad. Mine is up fly-fishing in the wilds of Maine, unreachable by telephone. I left a lovely voice message.)

Besides, I was very busy working this Saturday on my Slip n’ Slide technique.

The Birthday Reminder Calendar

There are TWO ways I am marking 15th Birthday, in order to honor the fact that as we age, both our memories and are eyes go South.

The first is to roll out the Rhymes With Orange Birthday Reminder Calendar. Unlike a regular calendar, you keep using a birthday one year after year. I keep mine on my bulletin board, but I hear that in the Netherlands they’re hung in the bathroom so friends can write in their birthdays when they visit the loo!

Contrary to what you see, each month sports a different favorite strip.

This nifty calendar is guaranteed to boost memory recall by 365%!

Things just got LARGER and Easier to Read

The second way I’m celebrating the 15th birthday is to display the strips larger on the website. And by the way, the strips now go back on the front page to 1995! These last two years are searchable by keyword on the site, and I have a new spry summer intern tagging the others as you read this.

The Big Award

So there have been big doings here at Rhymes With Orange this spring. The strip got the award for Best Newspaper Panel at The National Cartoonists Society Annual Reuben Award weekend. I was up against the very talented Tony Carillo and Dave Blazek.

Here is a pic of F-Minus creator Tony Carillo and I at the banquet.

What to do with The Big Award

People asked where I might hang the hefty award plaque. I could put it in my studio, but no one’s there to ooh and ahh at it besides me. One winner announced he was posting his in the bathroom. How could I display it in a both subtle and visible way?

…Well, with a little retrofitting, meet my new salt and pepper shakers!

(The other one is from 2006.)

Thus ends today’s mega-long blog post. Thanks for tuning in!




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