Reubens, Bones and Cling-ons…

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

As my family knows, I usually don’t recount our happenings verbatim in the strip (other folks’ experiences…well, that’s a different story). But once in a while, some sneak in. The “Bones” incident, for example.

A few months ago I went out during the evening while my husband watched our girls. He was sitting in the bedroom, flipping around stations, while the kids did their nighttime routines of brushing, flossing, etc.

When they were finished, they came into the bedroom to keep their dad company. Well, he was watching the TV show “Bones,” and apparently decided (even though there’s a disclaimer at the beginning for graphic content) that it was completely appropriate material for a 9 and 7-year-old.

Needless to say………


Okay, so I switched “TV show” to “DVD.” But you get the picture. Let’s just say we had company in our bed for the next week. Ahem…I should say, I had company. I was the one they woke up hourly. I was the one they clung to or dragged back to their beds at 2 am. Isn’t it funny how the wife ends up paying for the husband’s mistakes? The only redeeming thing about it was Mike did eventually apologize. Only after he let the 7-year-old borrow a Stephen King novel (joke).

Movin’ on…


Mike and I did our every-other-year pilgrimage to the Reuben (cartooning) Awards in Jersey City this year. We had a lovely time and, as usual, met some new faces while enjoying time with some familiar ones. We managed to sneak to NYC as well, which rounded out the trip nicely. The only thing I did a little differently this time: I brought along my laptop and actually colored a Sunday strip in the hotel room. Some habits can’t be broken.